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Voices of Early Childhood Educators

(sharing how Childhood Development Services help them)


My name is Tyesha, I have an Associate of Applied Science in Early Education. I met my sister Tina (a phenomenal woman) at my church home. She inspired me to further my education because she always said, "Children are our future." I watched her for many years operate her Center from her home and said, "I wanted to be like her." I worked for Tina for a brief period and with that experience I learned a lot and she inspired me even more.  I did not open my own center, but through networking with Tina, I met and became a Teacher’s Assistant for Rochelle Bea, Director of Beginning Futures Learning Center. While there, I watched Rochelle work full force for her center. Her dedication to family and children is remarkable. I'm blessed to have come across my sisters in early education, because it strengthened me and gave me confidence to keep going.

C. Hayes

The support, polite and active nature of Mrs. Pennington made it possible for me to achieve many accomplishments in my journey.  It's because of her that I now own my own childcare center. 

V. Smith

I worked for Mrs. P for 5 years. She taught me the day to day operations on running a childcare program. She inspired me to open up my own Childcare center.

From her teachings I incorporate some of the same values with my employees. Mrs. P goes above and beyond and I strive to teach my staff as she taught me. She's my MENTOR.


I met Tina Mosley when I was 14 years old, we went to the same church and established and continue a friendship over the years.

 Mrs. Tina became one of my biggest supporters, she encouraged me to go back to college and get my degree.  I started going back to school and working at the daycare in the evenings.  I really enjoyed working with children and I loved what I did.  I got married and had my 1st child at the age of 24,  moved to Illinois, but continued going to school for Early Childhood Education.  I decided that I wanted to work from home because the cost of daycare was high being that I had 2 children at home then. I called Mrs. Tina and she helped guide me in the right direction to get licensed to have my own Licensed daycare home.  

 I started my Licensed Daycare home and continued to go to school taking 1 to 2 classes at a time.  I finally received my Bachelor’s Degree in Early childhood education at the age of 41.  Mrs. Tina was the 1st person that I called, she was always one of my biggest supports.  She was so very happy for me, she told me it didn’t matter how long it took me as long as I finished. I had operated my daycare for 17 years, my oldest was 17 and my youngest child was going to full-day kindergarten.  At that moment I called Mrs. Tina because I wanted to work outside the home.  She motivated me to continue with my passion and find me a job still working with children and put my degree to use.  


I am currently a Teacher for SIUE Headstart working in the 12-month toddler program.  I truly Love the choice that I made.  It was one of the best decisions of my life.  I could not have done this without the Love and support Mrs. Tina Mosley gave me. I followed in her footsteps. I was able to provide quality child care just like she did.  I serviced over 50 families in Illinois and I became a Role model to my children.  Her success, love and her passion for being an advocate have helped many people including me.  I'm so grateful for her.

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