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About Us

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S.T.A.R Inc. for Early Childhood Educator Inc. is a 501c3 organization  birth in 2018, by Tina Mosley and Adrienne Pennington, designed "to enhance the Early Childhood workforce by preparing educators to work effectively with young children, thus building on the foundation for the love of teaching and learning.


 Our Vision is to elevate educators through effective coaching, hands-on experiences and curricula-based training that align with State and National Standards. 

Our Mission is to increase the number of Early Childhood Educators in programs with the shared vision of making quality education a priority for all children.

We believe that all children regardless of race or social economic background deserve to have access to high quality child care centers with well-trained early childhood educators that provide experiences to support each child’s growth and development. 

With an increase in childcare enrollment, there is a dire need to service early childhood programs. Our company innovative approach is to meet educators were they are. Through informal education and real life scenarios, we will increase  their knowledge base, skill set and provide hands on experiences to effectively engage with young children. 


Our goal is to collaborate with both private and non-profit programs providing  Missouri State approved training that satisfies licensing requirements and align with the core competency areas for the CDA credential.

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